Friday, 24 February 2012

Sports Culture Raping Children

When a 10 year old boy is anally raped by an important sports figure its called 'molestation' by the media. Why is that? You never hear of an adult who experienced forcible penetration as having been molested...that would sound ridiculous...they were raped. It's a violent act perpetrated by an evil person, not a sanitized and unfortunate experience that the term 'molestation' conjures. This purposeful choice of words should tell us something about the media's message which is essentially this, "Its unfortunate what happened to these kids but not as horrible as Sandusky's betrayal of the fans." The Penn State sports historian in this video confirms this at 2:40 of this video, expressing his anger not at the fact that Sandusky destroyed children's lives but rather that he destroyed Penn States reputation.( )  No wonder the coverup goes up and down the hierarchy of this sporting institution, the truth would destroy whats most important. How is it that kids can became victims here? Is this an unusual occurrence perpetrated by a lone sick individual?

I have 2 kids that play organized sports and so I understand the good and the bad. The good is that they get some physical activity, learn some teamwork and most importantly have some fun. Sports is recreation, it fun and so it meets a humans innate need to play. I enjoy watching my kids have fun. What I don't enjoy is hearing parents screaming at the ref, taunting the other team, going nuts about kids missing a play or not playing as hard as they can. They might as well be saying, "What's important here is not relationships with other people (that ref isn't even a person neither nor are those on the opposing team), whats not important here is having fun, whats important here is how well you perform at playing this sport." The parents self-esteem is tied to how their children perform and therefore you inevitably see the child's self-esteem is tied to how they perform at a completely arbitrary and unimportant task.

As kids get older the corruption starts to get real. The self-esteem of parents and eventually fans is riding on how well they perform. Their job is not to have fun, its to make parents, coaches and fans feel good about themselves. Have a good game and win and everybody is happy, lose the game and everybody goes home sad. Over the years the kids realize that their preferences and feelings don't matter as much as the coaches, the parents, the fans and their teammates feelings do.

A weird sexual vibe starts to permeate locker rooms as kids pass puberty. Hazing rituals involving genitalia and anuses are acquaintance told me a story about how they had to skate down the ice with smarties clenched in their ass holes and eat any they dropped. Penises are snapped with towels, guys piss on each other in the showers, sweaty jock straps are flung at each other...these are not uncommon occurrences in locker rooms. This is all on the spectrum of sexual humiliation unconsciously designed to weed out the weak and those that aren't willing to sacrifice themselves for the collective, for the greater good. Its almost universal that a professional athlete in a team sport is devoid of personality, just listen to them do an interview, robotic drones who have had any sense of self driven out of them.

If the first question out of your mouth when a child walks in the door after a game is, "What was the score?" you should probably ask yourself what you're teaching your child. The questions you should be asking yourself are; Why is the score important to me?  Why do I get angry when the game doesn't go my way? Why does my child cry when he performs poorly? Why does winning a game make me so happy? These questions of self examination are important if we want to stop the victimization of children. Questions of self-examination are, however being vigorously avoided in the orgy of finger pointing.

I see a lot of emotions flying around this Penn State scandal. Fans painted in ridiculous blue body paint, players in their crisp costumes, political figures on their soap boxes all expressing outrage at the devil and sympathy towards the victims simultaneously, they remind me of drug addicts desperate to say or do anything to ensure that they continue to get their drug of choice. Sports fanaticism/addiction serves the ruling class by keeping large segments of the population passionately focused on the utterly unimportant task of moving a ball around a field and worshiping the goddamn heroes that do it the best. If the fans stopped paying attention to trivial nonsense they might actual notice some important things going on around them and the ruling class can't have that. If the sheeple notice that it's ridiculous to cheer for something as arbitrary as a team name, brand, or color then they may notice that the same thing applies to the bits of colored cloth we worship called flags and that the words we use like 'Canadian' and 'American' are simply euphemisms of control to try and separate, divide, categorize people into their appropriate tax farms.

What would it mean to the fans if they noticed that their worship of sport is ridiculous and contributes to a culture that marginalizes and victimizes children? Well it would mean facing some hard facts; that their lives are mundane and lonely because they have never been taught real intimacy and are devoid of it in their relationships, that they are cattle being farmed by the ruling class for their productivity, that all the superficial relationships that they've cultivated over the years would immediately fall apart if they started discussing things that matter, that armed with the truth about their lives they would have to face their biggest longer would they be able to live small lives. It's far easier to swill beer and discuss bullshit than look inward.

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