Monday, 26 November 2012

Meet The Zombies

Zombies are mindless automatons that are neither dead nor alive, eat brains and are singularly focused on consumption. I hypothesize that there is a rational reason that the zombie is an increasingly popular figure in today’s culture, namely that it closely resembles what we fear most…our fellow humans. We’ve all seen the video's of crazed shopping mobs on Black Friday and faced the holiday throngs ourselves in crowded stores intent on pushing our way through and getting what we "need". These are the zombie hordes and we ourselves are part of what we most fear.

Let us look at what defines a zombie.

1)      Neither Dead nor Alive Automatons – They are drifting through an existence that is mindless and seemingly never ending, unaware of their own motivating drive to consume. How much does this resemble our everyday lives? Get a job, work 9 – 5, watch TV, consume products, and repeat until death. Most of us have a nagging itch in our minds that something isn’t right, that we aren’t really alive in any meaningful way. Zombies are unaware of themselves and their own motivations.

2)      They Eat Brains – You’ll have experienced what it means to have your brain eaten if you’ve ever had an original thought that you’ve been excited about. Especially a thought that is outside the normal narrowly constrained paradigm of dogma that exists in culture. The undead around you will quickly notice your bright light of originality and bring you into conformity with them. You’ll rarely be met with the curiosity of the living if you say something like, “What if god(s) and governments are made up and illegitimate?” Zombie’s must eat your brain and zombify you, it is an unconscious drive to bring you into the zombie collective.

3)      Focused on Consumption – Zombies have an insatiable appetite. They have a constant unconscious desire to consume. It is as if they are trying to fill a void that can never be filled.

I see the rise of zombie movies as a healthy sign. You’ll notice that the common thread of what defines a zombie is that they lack self-awareness, they are acting unconsciously. The fact that people are beginning to recognize the zombie virus that infects those around them represents hope! Eventually they will look in a mirror and notice themselves. This growing awareness is a natural cause for anxiety, zombies are dangerous and scary and waking up to find yourself surrounded by them is unsettling to say the least. This growing anxiety is reflected in pop culture I believe.

In the near future I will write about how the zombie virus is created and spread and how we can prevent it and maybe even cure it while fighting off the hoards.

Cheers, from a recovering zombie.

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