Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Why Voting May Be Harmful

     Imagine that there is a powerful thug who comes around every so often to rape you and your neighbours.  But he is a nice thug in the sense that he allows you to vote on the way he is going to rape you, you can choose which orifice and perhaps choose the sweet nothings he whispers in your ear as he violates you.  The people all around you activiely participate in their democratic right to choose how they are violated.  The fine and intricate details of rape philosophy are passionately debated as some prefer the mouth while others prefer the anus and so two groups form and the neighbourhood is collectivised and labelled in these are either a mouther or an anuser (right wing or left wing).

      Advocates of democracy argue passionately that our ancestors fought and died to get this new rapist, remember the old rapist never gave us a choice.  They praise the qualities of our rape system and rave about how lucky we are to be raped in this manner.  They engage in loving dialogue with the rapist and understand that while they don't enjoy being violated they understand that it is a necessary unpleasantness so that we may have order and peace in the neighbourhood and that the poor are looked after and the sick tended too. They rave about the good feeling they get taking collective action to create change and celebrate victories about orifice changes and small victories like the loving sweet nothings we get to hear as the rape occurs.

       Does anybody get why voting is harmful?  Its a dialogue with thugs that lends credibility to human rights violations.  Now I don't think voting is immoral because I think that a case can be made that it may reduce immediate harm in certain circumstances, for example I would prefer lube to rectal tearing, however what is the cost of this dialogue?  I posit that the cost is dignity, pride, and corruption of the self.  When we bring ourselves to believe that rape is virtue as long as we get to vote, we further degrade ourselves, we form a detachment from reality.

       I don't vote on how I will be violated because I see it as an affront to my dignity.  I prefer
 to look my rapist in the eye and tell him that I recognize that he is evil and that he is violating me and my neighbours. I prefer a little rectal tearing because I see it as less degrading than pretending I'm not being violated.


  1. Sorry, this isn't an argument against voting. In the situation you describe, you start a party that doesn't rape people, and get everyone to vote for you. And thus you put an end to rape.

    Your way, you're accepting the rape.